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I think by now we FINALLY realize most history we’ve been told is TOTAL FANTASY designed to mislead us.  Well, it almost worked.
Hidden in plain sight:  The Invisibles have lots of names: Ancients, Kings of CRETE, Globalists, Ancient Minoans, Venetian Nobility, Aristocrats, Royals, (The Invisibles) and on and on… I’d add infamous serial killers, psychopaths, eugenicists, pedophiles, sorcerers, and slave owners/masters.

KINGS OF CRETE? BANKING MAFIA?  …The Venetian Nobility are top international bankers that grew their wealth through shipping, trade, banking, and war.  Many of the Byzantine noble families migrated to Venice as Rome was being rebuilt through the (Vatican) Papacy.  The Giustiniani family are a top Venetian bloodline producing at least one Doge of Venice as well as Venetian politicians and several Doges of Genoa. 

The Giustiniani family are a continuation of the Justinian Dynasty that ruled the Byzantine Empire.  Giusto means good, just, or even well.  Many of these Venetian families migrated into Germany and London.  (Do we call them Royalty/Royals now? Yes, indeed.)  The Giustiniani family are recently married with the Del Bono family of Venice.  Bono or buono means good or well.  These families are not good and they hide behind a false sense of self righteousness.  Families like Wells, Wellesley, Giustiniani, and Bono are from the same ancient clan

The MARS family which are worth around 70 billion and own the Mars candy company were the Candia family of Venice.  Candito is the Italian word for candy.  They were also Kings of Crete who were involved with the sugar trade/slavery.  READ: 

LOOK at Villa Giustiniani:

NOBILITY?  A key event is the 1297 Serrata del Maggiore Consiglio (the lockout of The Great Council) when certain wealthy and politically-active families separate themselves and make membership to the Great Council a hereditary right, thus fashioning an aristocratic order.  Later, in 1315, the Libro d’Oro (Golden Book) was created to record the names of those who were eligible nobles, further codifying the aristocratic social structure of the Republic.  Google Books: Thomas Madden summarizes Venice: A New History. See here relevant page.


PUBLIC DOMAIN PAINTING: The Glorification of the Giustiniani Family (1783) artist Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo (Italian) : On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 622.  This oil sketch is a precious record of a ceiling in Genoa’s ducal palace that was destroyed in the 1860s.  The younger Tiepolo depicted a Giustiniani family patriarch, Jacopo, at the top of a staircase, kneeling before a personification of the Ligurian Republic.  At left is a female personification of the Aegean island of Chios, which the Giustiniani family ruled for two centuries. At right, figures in exoticized dress of turbans and loose pants with moustaches and beards allude to the family’s commercial enterprises in Asia Minor. VISIT:


“Because we really are being shaped in a very ancient plan that the high occultists planned, and with high occultists, you cannot buy their books in the regular bookstores.  The high occultists own all the big publishing companies that churn out the rubbish for the people.  They have their own inner archives for themselves, and for their offspring, who take over from them.  They said this Great Work, this great plan to perfect all that was imperfect, left imperfect by the Grand Architect of the Universe, began 4,500 thousand years ago.  And this is part of their plan, because there’s many hints of previous ages and destructions, and so on.  Possibly brought about by the same priesthoods, who keep trying over and over again.

“And that’s why, when Sumer came on the scene, for instance, it didn’t evolve slowly, from guys dragging their knuckles across the desert floor like apes. No, they arrived on the scene with many bureaucracies as PRIESTS.  A pantheon of deities to rule every part of a person’s life.  A full economic system with trade, internationally, in fact.  They even traded with India.  We’re talking about 5,000 BC or so.  And they didn’t learn this from picking it up piece by piece.  No, we’re talking about an understanding of commerce, science and control of the mind of populations, to make people accept slavery, and a definite caste system in 5000 BC.  A caste system, where you have an inbred elite, even in the days of Sumer.  And that’s come right down to the present day.

And we are going into an age now, we’re into it actually, where the same mystery religion that ran all of the ancient world, is controlling us, shaping our minds, because they laid the foundations for this a long time ago.

“They shape the mind for years in advance, before the public even know their minds are being directed in a certain direction, and hence the New Age was brought in, ultimately, in the 1960s, first written about in the magazine called the New Age, which was the main publication of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.  That was the title of it, the New Age.  And they prepare the fields, which is your mind.  They leave it fallow, then they plow it, then they harrow it, then they sift it, then they plant the seed.  It can take generations to get the crop that they want, but “they” have it today. —ALAN WATT


Pedophilia in Ancient Greece and Rome (sick f*ckers)

While the practice of pedophilia today is a morally wrong and illegal act, some of the Ancient Greeks and Romans regarded it as a common practice and sometimes something to be celebrated.  Pedophilia was common in Greek and Roman mythology and daily life.  Forms of pedophilia were common among nobility and were often seen as rites of passage for the youth involved in them.

The Romans would pursue sexual relationships with younger men, but these relationships were only seen as forgivable if the older man was a freeborn Roman and he was having sex with a younger slave or prostitute who wasn’t of Roman origin.  READ MORE

Oh, Yes, inbreeding … also READ (see footnote)


THE INVISIBLES become the Venice Families who established a thriving slave trade in 840 AD, buying in Italy, among other places, and selling to the Moors in Northern Africa.  When the sale of Christians to Muslims was banned following the pactum Lotharii then the Venetians began to sell Slavs and other Eastern European non-Christian slaves in greater numbers.  Slaves were plentiful in the Italian city-states as late as the 15th century.  Between 1414 and 1423, some 10,000 slaves, imported from Caffa, were sold in Venice.

Back and Forth:  The latter half of the 17th century The Venetians also had prolonged wars with the Ottoman Empire; in the Cretan War (1645–1669), after a heroic siege that lasted 24 years, Venice lost its major overseas possession, the Island of Crete, while it made some advances in Dalmatia.

Was Sumerian the language used by the ancients?  IMAGE: Sumerian inscription in monumental archaic style, c. 26th century BC (Public Domain)

Sure enough:  Historians claim an unknown CIVILIZATION seems to have bequeathed symbols found everywhere around the planet; for example, the winged sun, or caduceus, even the gods who have different names but similar functions.  This unknown civilization could have inspired the Sumerian and Egyptian cultures, and likewise shared many symbols and divinities.

Some claim the original source of the Emerald Tablet is none other than the fabled city of Atlantis.

lots and lots of maps with names we recognize

The Emerald Tablets are one of the greatest enigmas and mysteries of antiquity.  Did they really exist?  They are considered obscure Egyptian mythology, but myth seems to meet history.

Furthermore, one of the most interesting pieces of evidence could be the numbers of Egyptians gods that are very similar to the Sumerians ones.  Indeed, the story of the Sumerian Gods is very similar to the Egyptian Neteru, and the great part of religious traditions of eastern civilizations. The same mystery religion that ran all of the ancient world, is all handed down by the same people, as Alan Watt suggests.

The powerful Emerald Tablet is said to be a tablet of emerald or green stone inscribed with the secrets of the universe.  The oldest documentable source of the Emerald Tablet’s text is the Kitab sirr al-haliqi (Book of the Secret of Creation and the Art of Nature), which was itself a composite of earlier works.  This was an Arabic work written in the 8th century AD and attributed to “Balinas” or Pseudo-Apollonius of Tyana.  It is Balinas who provides us with the story of how he discovered the Emerald Tablet in the caved tomb.

The Emerald Tablet became one of the pillars of Western alchemy with differing translations.  It was a highly influential text in medieval and Renaissance alchemy, and probably still is today.  According to other interpretations, the tablets were kept in a so-called Hall of Records and then later hidden within the Library of Alexandria (Rome) until they were lost forever, after the terrible fire which destroyed the ancient building and its legendary books.

So did the Emerald Tablets really exist and who has them now?  It’s still a theory Atlantis were Minoan Elites living on Crete or was it the Cyclades?  Same people.

FYI:  The two systems—BC and AD, and BCE and CE—are numerically equivalent and indicate exactly the same dates. The BCE/CE notation system is simply the religiously neutral alternative to BC/AD.  BCE (Before Common Era) is a secular version of BC (before Christ).  CE (Common Era) is the secular equivalent of AD (anno Domini), which means “in the year of the Lord” in Latin.

Cycladic Civilization

The Cyclades, a group of islands in the southwestern Aegean, comprises some 30 small islands and numerous islets. The ancient Greeks called them kyklades, imagining them as a circle (kyklos) around the sacred island of Delos, the site of the holiest sanctuary to Apollo.  Many of the Cycladic Islands are particularly rich in mineral resources—iron ores, copper, lead ores, gold, silver, emery, obsidian, and marble: the marbles of Paros and Naxos among the finest in the world.   Archaeological evidence points to sporadic Neolithic settlements on Antiparos, Melos, Mykonos, Naxos, and other Cycladic Islands at least as early as the sixth millennium BC. These earliest settlers probably cultivated barley and wheat, and most likely fished the Aegean for tunny and other fish.  They were also accomplished sculptors in stone, as attested to by significant finds of marble figurines on Saliagos (near Paros and Antiparos).  In the third millennium BC., a distinctive civilization, commonly called the Early Cycladic culture (ca. 3200–2300 BC) emerged with important settlement sites on Keros and at Halandriani on Syros.  At this time in the Early Bronze Age, metallurgy developed at a fast pace in the Mediterranean.  It was especially fortuitous for the Early Cycladic culture that their islands were rich in iron ores and copper, and that they offered a favorable route across the Aegean Sea.

Inhabitants turned to fishing, shipbuilding, and exporting of their mineral resources, as trade flourished between the Cyclades, Minoan Crete, Helladic Greece, and the coast of Asia Minor.

SOURCE: (October 2004)

Who Really Controls the World?

By Dr. MUJAHID KAMRAN (excerpt)

Professor Carroll Quigley wrote:

“The powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands to be able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements, arrived at in private meetings and conferences.… The growth of financial capitalism made possible a centralisation of world economic control and use of this power for the direct benefit of financiers and the indirect injury to all other economic groups.”

“It was Baron Nathan Mayer de Rothschild (1840-1915) who once said: “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the British Empire on which the sun never sets.  The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”  What was true of the British Empire is equally true of the US Empire, controlled remotely by the London-based Elite (The Invisibles) through the Federal Reserve System.  Judged by its consequences, the Federal Reserve System is the greatest con job in human history.”  (BANK OF LONDON)

“Secrecy and anonymity is integral to the operations of the Elite as is absolute ruthlessness, deep deception and the most sordid spying and blackmail.  The Elite pitches nations against each other, and aims at the destruction of religion and other traditional values, creates chaos, deliberately spreads poverty and misery, and then usurps power placing its stooges in place.  These families “buy while the blood is still flowing in the streets” (Rothschild dictum).  Wars, “revolutions” and assassinations are part of their tactics to destroy traditional civilisation and traditional religions (as in Soviet Russia), amass wealth and power, eliminate opponents, and proceed relentlessly towards their avowed goal, generation after generation.  They operate through covert and overt societies and organisations.”


COSMIC GLUE … the Legacy

In this book series “It’s A Miracle We Survived This Far,” the first two books have a series of three poems “The Legacy of Cosmic Glue.”

Cosmic Glue is really Cosmic Love with amazing healing power, the download of intergalactic love that we all receive from our ancestors, from all our relatives.  They prayed for you and me to be here and to this day our ancestors continue to watch over us.  YOU ARE LOVED!  Yes, it’s a miracle we survived this far but we had help – COSMIC GLUE!


No, Cosmic Glue is not an Elmer glue product. No it’s not marijuana: that Cosmic Glue is known as an indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) created through crossing the classic Gorilla Glue #4 X Space Queen strains. This bud is infamous for its mind-melting effects that leave you lifted and soaring through space with your body anchored to the ground below. Sounds cosmic!

We don’t know much about ourselves

 It’s obvious to me now

The many years it took me to ask about slavery, genocide, and

To ask who wrote it, all of it.

I see my error.  Rather late.

I was enslaved by merriment, chaos, myths and untruths… we all are

yet I know, especially now that I know more

I know a better day will come…

I am willing to fight for that.

I am willing to die for that.

© 2022 Trace L Hentz



The 14th most prolific trucking company in North America, with 5,243 drivers covering more than five million miles per year, all I could think seeing CRETE: all my book research and HUMAN TRAFFICKING.  I was driving in May 2022 and looked up to see this sign TWICE, in Indiana and again in New York.



The Bonanno crime family operates mainly in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island. The family also maintains influence in Manhattan, The Bronx, Westchester County, New Jersey, California, and Florida, and have ties to the Rizzuto crime family in Quebec.

The Sicilian Mafia is a renowned criminal organization. They are also well known as Cosa Nostra. While the organization still remains to this day in Sicily, it has been present here since the early 19th century. Around the second half of the 20th century, the organization would turn international.


What is sorcery?

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines sorcery as: “SOR’CERY, noun, Magic; enchantment; witchcraft; divination be the assistance of evil spirits, or the power of commanding evil spirits” (1). Historically, the word sorcery along the word sorcerer has similar origins (2): 

Sorcery (n.) c. 1300, “witchcraft, magic, enchantment; act or instance of sorcery; supernatural state of affairs; seemingly magical works,” from Old French sorcerie, from sorcier, “sorcerer, wizard,” from Medieval Latin “sortiarius” teller of fortunes by lot; sorcerer,” literally “one who influences fate or fortune,” from Latin sors (genitive sortis) “lot, fate, fortune” (see sort (n.)).

In the New Testament, we see it referred to by several variations of the Greek word, mageuo, (4) which is where we get the word magic, magician, or sorcerer. It is seen in the following verses:

But there was a certain man, called Simon, which beforetime in the same city used sorcery, and bewitched the people of Samaria, giving out that himself was some great one: To whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying, This man is the great power of God. And to him they had regard, because that of long time he had bewitched them with sorceries. Acts 8:9-11

The lies are right in front of us, just like pyramids!

Even the rich and famous don’t know about these invisible guys—not really—they might have some sense that something (or someone) bigger (and richer) is out there—but trust me THE INVISIBLES use tricks (aka magic and history) to stay invisible. Yes, it’s right in our face—yet they concoct lie after lie and we usually fall for it!

I had a dream The INVISIBLES tortured every shaman and medicine person they could capture to learn their medicine/magic, to steal it. Sorcery is seriously important and vital to them.

Slowly ancient history is coming to light—very very slowly.  Wait: How do you hide a pyramid?  The people who call them “Lost Civilizations” don’t even realize that its another INVISIBLE secret society staring us right in the face.

But we’re busy, right?  We don’t have time; we need that paycheck.  We’re constantly distracted.  We’re dumbed down… lied to… and don’t think about this stuff… but we should.

Alan Watt spoke about how they control what we know:

“History, as I say, is a horror show. It’s a horror show.  “Their” allegiance is not to the public. Far from it. The allegiance is to each other.  And they will lie their teeth off, through thick or thin, through plague, famine or warfare, and never tell the truth. They’re sworn to do that.  And the deeper they go into it, the more so, there’s less chance of them ever, ever cracking or any of them cracking and opening their mouths.  And they’re scared to open their mouth, because believe you me, these oaths are very real with their consequences.”

Watts describes his work, “Back in the 1990s, as I’ve said, they already had headlines in all the newspapers, oh, this coming system, meaning the internet, we might lose control.  Who’s we?  We never had control, if they’re talking about the public.  They’re talking about the agencies that protect all governments and corporations for businesses and so on.  Because all wealth comes from the general population, one way or another.  And you’ve got this hierarchy of feeding off of you.  If you’re unaware of all of that, you’re called the profane.  You’re the dark part of the pyramid.  You’re the dull blocks, you see, on the dollar bill’s pyramid.  Whereas the capstone at the top of the pyramid are for the illumined ones where all the cash goes to, you know….” —Alan Watt [


The Invisibles like to build big—that is one big clue. And when we hear about human sacrifice, humans killed in mass quantity, human sacrifice, torture, that is them, too. That is a strong clue it’s them again and again and on every continent.

The Invisibles moved around constantly, looting, mining minerals, metals and humans. Now it’s oil and gas extraction.

MYSTERY: El Castillo pyramid at Xunantunich in Belize

People have not inhabited this site in western Belize for a thousand years… DISCOVERED RUINS:  Six plazas and more than 25 palaces and temples are preserved within roughly one square mile, situated high on a plateau above the Mopan River.  PHOTO:  the monumental pyramid called El Castillo, the country’s second-tallest structure. (VIA BING)


An EVIL CURSE on KUDURRU (Turtles were symbols of the powerful creator god Enki to the ancient Sumerians) IMAGE: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license. From British Museum


For over 700 years, ancient Romans bought a variety of defixiones—curse tablets to cast evil spells on basically anyone and anything.

Ancient Romans believed in the power of spells and thought that these magical curse tablets would actually help them to destroy their enemies. But you have to act quickly.  It was vital to buy the curse tablet before your enemy came up with the same idea.

Ancient Romans believed that people who died at an early age were doomed to wander around the Earth as ghosts.  By placing defixiones inside graves, the curses could help the deceased to get peace, if the ghost helped executing the curse that is.  The fact that it was strictly prohibited to open graves did not stop people who quietly sneaked in at night at placed a curse tablet inside the grave.

According to Pliny the Elder, (23 A.D- 79 A.D.) a Roman scholar also known as Gaius Plinius Secundus, curses were deeply feared by ancient Romans.  Archaeologists have unearthed more than 1500 ancient curse tablets.  Most of them were found in Italy, often in the vicinity of Rome. Several curse tablets have also been unearthed in Roman Britain.  People bought curse tablets from “professional” magicians who had ready curse tables in their stocks.  All the customer had to do was to state the name of the victim that was quickly inscribed on the defixiones. Source:

I ask you to SAY THIS OFTEN for your PROTECTION:

“I want for you what you want for me: nothing more, nothing less.”

“We are human, earth is our home.  Leave us alone.”



SEEKER of Visions

In my early 20s, I embarked on a quest.  Being adopted, for me, meant searching for people and answers. Over many years, I worked to reconnect and find relatives.  Along the way, I’ve had meaningful experiences in ceremony, in Sweatlodge, doing purification before the Sundance in Rosebud, South Dakota in the 1990s.  I studied with Steve Little Coyote, Northern Cheyenne, in Seattle prior to the ceremony, and he helped me contact the medicine man running it.  You need permission to attend and you need to know what to expect, what to bring, etc.  One of the most important things I learned: do not pray for yourself in the sweat.  It’s not for me to say what I experienced, but it changed my life and improved my health.  On that trip, I visited an Oglala Lakota family in Porcupine, SD, and soon became a relative (a member of their family).  Sitting at Ellowyn’s kitchen table, I learned so many things, historic things, significant things, huge things, not found in any book.

The 90s were very big years for me. In Seattle where I was living, I met with a Face Reader who was Sikh.  And my Kinesiologist-Herbalist was also a Sikh.  Both men were healers, definitely, and both started healing the broken parts of me.  I chose to do co-counseling (trauma therapy) for three years, which was transformative. The goal: tell your whole life story, in your own words, without holding back.  It’s like an inner powder keg exploded.  Since the 90s I studied herbal medicine and I still seek out holistic doctors for treatment.  I still study plant medicine.  Even after all that personal growth, writing my memoir produced the biggest results in my mental health and outlook. The key is: “Know Thyself.”

The one book I recommend to everyone is John Fire Lame Deer Seeker of Visions.  If you feel a need to understand Indian Country traditions, and the work of medicine men, particularly the Lakota Oyate (Nation), this is the book to read.

Haunting Prophecy

In Seattle, I borrowed a copy of Whitley Strieber’s paperback Nature’s End in 1990.  How can a book change you? This book NATURE’S END was prophetic and haunting!  I still think about it to this day. They made predictions for different time periods, that we are now experiencing. Profound!

What? The plot is coming TRUE!

It is 2025 and the planet is rapidly approaching environmental death.  Dr. Gupta Singh, a Hindu guru with a Jim Jones-like following, has proposed the suicide by lottery, of one-third of the world’s population. His followers have elected a Depopulationist majority in Congress.  Led by journalist John Sinclair, a small group hopes to prove that Singh is a fraud.  Singh is a formidable enemy: he cancels the medical-cosmetological treatment that the 72-year-old Sinclair (who looks 46 due to the treatment) receives, causing Sinclair to age rapidly.  Singh sets the feared “tax police” after Sinclair, alters his records, and wipes out his wealth.  Tension mounts as Sinclair stalks Singh and gains access to his “conviction,” an electronic document into Singh’s true identity and character. Less straightforward and slower to start than Whitley’s book WarDay, it is just as sobering in its tragic possibilities.


My Nightmare on November 7, 2021

They hate Americans (humans) so much, they collect heads.

They dismantle the heads from the body. They give the head drugs. (Kinda pay-back.)

We Americans are so convinced we are good.  Not that we’ve been killers all along.

Like in North Korea, Americans have been programmed to believe and think we’re on higher moral ground but everyone knows that is all a lie.

We are controlled.  Military Generals have more power than presidents.  We have a ton of kidnapped people from America every year.  Some are slaves.  Some become medical experiments. Children disappear.

These heads are lined up on tables, still alive, with tubes below the tables.  It’s so hideous, so horrible.   The heads seems aware, in my nightmare.  Like rabbits tortured in labs, these heads of missing people are their experimental rabbits.




Mystery Of The Avars Who Conquered The Roman Empire Solved By Scientists


Historians have long tried to understand who the Avars were, and it seems they have finally solved the mystery.  Lesser known than Attila’s Huns, the Avars were their more successful successors. They ruled much of Central and Eastern Europe for almost 250 years. In the 560s, the Avars established an empire that lasted more than 200 years, centered in the Carpathian Basin. “We address a question that has been a mystery for more than 1400 years: who were the Avar Elites, mysterious founders of an empire that almost crushed Constantinople and for more than 200 years ruled the lands of modern-day Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia and Serbia?” explains Johannes Krause, senior author of the study.

The Avars did not leave written records about their history and this first genome-wide data provide robust clues about their origins. “The  results allowed us to narrow down the timing of the proposed Avar migration. They covered more than 5000 kilometers in a few years from Mongolia to the Caucasus, and after ten more years settled in what is now Hungary. This is the fastest long-distance migration in human history that we can reconstruct up to this point,” explains Choongwon Jeong, co-senior author of the study.  These exciting results show how much potential there is in the unprecedented collaboration between geneticists, archeologists, historians and anthropologists for the research on the “Migration period” in the first millennium CE (Common Era) or B.C.

The research was published in Cell.

Minoan Mosaic with slaves (Public Domain)

NEW history is changing all the earlier accepted lies…


Now the plot has taken a new twist, as scientists have discovered that ancient cities really did exist in the Amazon.  And while urban ruins remain extremely difficult to find in thick, remote forests, a key technology has helped change the game. Perched in a helicopter some 650 feet up, scientists used light-based remote sensing technology (LIDAR) to digitally deforest the canopy and identify the ancient ruins of a vast urban settlement around Llanos de Mojos in the Bolivian Amazon that was abandoned some 600 years ago.  The new images reveal, in detail, a stronghold of the socially complex Casarabe Culture (500-1400 BC) with urban centers boasting monumental platform and pyramid architecture.  Raised causeways connected a constellation of suburban-like settlements, which stretched for miles across a landscape that was shaped by a massive water control and distribution system with reservoirs and canals.  The site, described this week in Nature, is the most striking discovery to suggest that the Amazon’s rainforest ‘wilderness’ was actually heavily populated, and in places quite urbanized, for many centuries before recorded history of the region began.

Though it faced an unknown end, the culture that thrived here adds to the growing evidence that the Amazon isn’t actually one of the world’s great untouched wilderness areas—and wasn’t even an unbroken forest until relatively modern times.

Among the 26 sites were two large urban centers, Landivar and Cotoca. They were already known to exist, but the new maps detailed their archaeological complexity and vast size (1.2 and .5 sq miles respectively).  Each large center is surrounded by successive rings of moat and rampart fortifications. The sites boast artificial terraces, huge earthen-platform buildings and conical pyramids over 70 feet tall.  All these impressive civic and ceremonial buildings are also oriented to the north-northwest, which scientists believe reflects a cosmological world view observed elsewhere at ancient sites in the Amazon.

In 2018, scientists using satellite images reported that large areas of Amazon forest in Brazil’s Mato Grosso state, once thought to have been sparsely inhabited at best, were dotted with villages and oddly-shaped earthwork geoglyphs. Even here, away from large rivers, many hundreds of villages could have housed up to a million people between 1250 and 1500 BC in an area that represents only about 7 percent of the Amazon basin.  However if larger urban centers anchored these populated sites, they haven’t yet been identified. –Brian Handwerk (May 25, 2022, Smithsonian)  READ MORE:


What about Atlantis? Could there be multiple locations? Why not? (My comments)

In her book, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky reported that the civilization of Atlantis reached its peak between 1,000,000 and 900,000 years ago, but destroyed itself through internal warfare brought about by the dangerous use of psychic and supernatural powers of the inhabitants.  (Guessing and theory, of course.)

Edgar Cayce referred to Bimini as one of the mountaintops of ancient Atlantis.  While few would consider the island a mountain, 12,000-years ago it was one of the highest points on the vast land formation in the region.  Bimini and Andros Island, lying about 100 miles to the east of Bimini, were a part of the same island in 10,000 B.C.—called “Poseidia” Temple which sunk in 10,000 B.C. and is, according to Cayce, covered by “the slime of ages.”  This record hall is identical to the one in Egypt under the Sphinx.  (Here we go again. Multiple places?)  SOURCE: EDGAR CAYCE

“The theory that Atlantis is Minoan Crete could only have been started since 1900, for up to the end of the 19th century Turkey (The Turkish Suzerainty) had control over this island of the Ægean and prevented all archeological work.  But with the first sods upturned by the archeologists’s spade great results were obtained.  Gournia and Phaistos and Knossos with its fine palace were unearthed, and before long the world realized that in Crete there had once been a totally forgotten civilization which extended over not less than two thousand years and which came to a sudden end in about the year 1200 BC.  (Not true.)   Moreover, during most of its existence the Minoan kingdom was in touch with Egypt; the last Egyptian relics found in Crete, according to Flinders Petrie, date from about the year 1200 BC thus apparently coinciding with the downfall of Minoan civilization. (Not their downfall.)

“According to Plato the destruction of Atlantis was the joint work of Egypt and Athens. The old Egyptian priest told Solon: “The records inform us of the destruction by Athens of a singularly powerful army … All this power was once upon a time united in order by a single blow to subjugate our country, your own, and all the peoples living on the hither side of the strait.  It was then that the strength and courage of Athens blazed forth.”  (Same old theory again.)

“Apparently Egypt and Athens together put an end to some kingdom threatening them both.  And certainly this points to Minoan Crete, whose central location might well have threatened the Egyptian and Athenian allies and whose civilization we know was wiped out absolutely about 1200 BC]” —Jason Cavalito []

(Nope, Jason, No. The Ancient Minoans were not wiped out.  They simply morph/change identity and move.  They wrote what they wanted us to believe.)

It has long been recognized that migration legends from Natives (tribes) in North, Central, and South America support the migration of advanced groups (yes, the INVISIBLES) to various locations in the Americas corresponding to Cayce’s accounts of Atlantis.  In recent years, archaeological work has shown that Cayce’s accounts of the Atlantean migrations to the Americas is consistent with the archaeological evidence. (Migrations? Why yes, we know the Ancients did that often!)

This is also important:  “They” have their own inner archives (library) for themselves, and for their offspring, who take over from them.  WE don’t read what “they” read. We don’t know the truth. We never did.

The Nine Unknown Men [Facts 1-10]

  1. The Nine Unknown Men is the name of the secret society that was created in 270 BC by Mauryan Emperor Ashoka of India who became popular for the Kalinga War that claimed lives of over 100,000 men.
  2. It is being said that The Nine Unknown Men is the most powerful secret society on the face of Earth.
  3. The story goes that after the Kalinga War, Ashoka understood the extent of damage the world has to endure if power goes into the wrong hands and hence, formed a secret society consisting of 9 men.
  4. These 9 men were tasked with the responsibility of preserving, developing and preventing secret knowledge from getting into the hands of evil men.
  5. The 9 men were each given one book to guard. Each of the books contained supreme knowledge which could help mankind into evolving but if in wrong hands, the knowledge could destroy humanity – the whole of it.
  6. During Ashoka’s rule, the knowledge of past and present as well as natural science was vowed to secrecy. Henceforth and for next 2000 years that followed, all the knowledge that was developed was hidden in the secret books.
  7. The collective research knowledge guarded by the secret society includes everything from collective psychology techniques to structure of matter.
  8. As per legend, Ashoka also charged those 9 men with the task of manipulating Indian culture and present it to the external world as a country of mystically-oriented backward people so that the advanced scientific knowledge accumulated over time can be safeguarded from people with malicious intentions(This really happened more often than we realize!)

  9. There are other versions of the legend available. For instance, one of the versions states the reason why Emperor Ashoka formed the secret society to safeguard advanced scientific knowledge was to preserve the Rama Empire.
  10. Rama Empire, if at all was to be compared to any ancient society then, the only contender is Atlantis. According to Hindu Scriptures, the Rama Empire was destroyed 15,000 years ago by highly advanced weaponry. (Interesting? What would that be?)

READ MORE:–Illuminati-Society-Nine-Unknown-Men/

A Forgotten Continent From 40 Million Years Ago May Have Just Been Rediscovered

A lost continent that was wedged between Europe, Africa and Asia has been rediscovered. It covers the present-day Balkans and Anatolia and has been dubbed Balkanatolia (Alexis Licht, Grégoire Métais/CNRS)

An ancient forgotten continent that was wedged between Europe, Africa and Asia has been rediscovered.  A team of French, American and Turkish palaeontologists and geologists led by CNRS researchers has discovered the existence of a forgotten continent they have dubbed Balkanatolia, which today covers the present-day Balkans and Anatolia. Their findings are published in the March 2022 volume of Earth Science Reviews.

For millions of years during the Eocene Epoch (55 to 34 million years ago), Western Europe and Eastern Asia formed two distinct land masses with very different mammalian faunas: European forests were home to endemic fauna such as Palaeotheres (an extinct group distantly related to present-day horses, but more like today’s tapirs), whereas Asia was populated by a more diverse fauna including the mammal families found today on both continents. Now, a team led by CNRS researchers has come up with an explanation for this paradox.  SOURCE: CNRS.


History certainly has no shortage of enigmatic or controversial brotherhoods, orders, lodges and societies. (Who all use sorcery.)

The simplest explanation for the Green Dragon Society is that it is a muddled reference to the better known, and definitely real, Black Dragon Society (BDS) or Kokuryukai. The BDS first appeared about 1901 and was an offshoot of another, older Japanese secret society, the Black Ocean or Genyosha.  Like its parent, the Black Dragon was a militant, “ultra-nationalist” body which worked to expand Imperial Japan’s influence on the Asian mainland. The BDS took its name from the “Black Dragon” or Amur River which separated Manchuria and Siberia. The Black Dragon’s network of spies and saboteurs took an active part in the subsequent Russo-Japanese War (1904-05) and the Black Dragons later expanded their operations and influence throughout Asia and Europe and even the Americas. SOURCE

The identification of the Green Dragon as a fundamentally mystical order most evidently appears in Trevor Ravenscroft’s 1973 The Spear of Destiny, a book with a distinct Anthroposophist* take on the nefarious occult forces behind Hitler and his Nazi Regime and German geo-politician/mystic Karl Haushofer, Hitler’s presumed spiritual mentor.

*Anthroposophy is an amalgam of the Greek terms ἄνθρωπος (anthropos = human) and σοφία (sophia = wisdom).  An early English usage is recorded by Nathan Bailey (1742) as meaning: “the knowledge of the nature of man.”Anthroposophy has its roots in German idealist and mystical philosophies and Rudolph Steiner defined it as “a scientific exploration of the spiritual world.”  Steiner, an Austrian philosopher, scientist, and artist, postulated the existence of a spiritual world comprehensible to pure thought but fully accessible only to the faculties of knowledge latent in all humans.”

According to Ravenscroft, Professor Haushofer “gained… extraordinary gifts through membership of the Green Dragon Society of Japan in which the Mastery of the Time Organism and the control of the life forces in the human body is the central aim of ascending degrees of initiation.”

Ravenscroft adds, that “one of the highest tests of this type of initiation in the Green Dragon Society demands the capacity to control and direct the life force in plants in a somewhat similar manner to the former powers of the Atlantean people.”  (Oh really?)

“Only two other Europeans have been permitted to join this Japanese Order,” [and who, one wonders, were they?] continues Ravenscroft, “which demands oaths of secrecy and obedience of far more strict and uncompromising nature than similar secret societies in the Western world.”4

Members of the Green Dragon Society set-up shop in 1920s Germany and there joined forces with a group of Tibetan monks called the “Society of Green Men.”  The latter were, in fact, the “Adepts of Agharti and Schamballah” and their leader was a mysterious “Man with the Green Gloves.”6   It also turns out that the Green Dragons and the Green Men had “been in astral communication for hundreds of years.”7

The united brethren soon established communication with the rising Herr Hitler. [If the Black Dragon Society was primarily anti-Russian in its focus, might the Green Dragon have been anti-Chinese or anti-Western? While the Black Dragon focused on the political side, did the Green deal with the more secretive occult realm?]

The work in question is the 1933 Les Sept Tetes du Dragon Vert [“The Seven Heads of the Green Dragon”] by Teddy Legrand.  The title evokes the dragon with “seven heads, ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads” mentioned in Revelations 12:3, although that beast is red, not green. At first glance the book seems to be just an obscure piece of French pulp fiction, albeit one replete with real people and real events along with many invented ones. Basically, the book presents the Green Dragon or, more simply, “The Greens,” a sinister international cabal bent on world domination.  An interesting detail is that these secretive conspirators number precisely 72 and were, presumably, the “72 unknown superiors” of conspiratorial legend.19

To achieve its nefarious aim, the Green Dragon generates war, revolution and chaos, and its hand is the unseen common denominator in such seemingly disparate events as the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the instigation of the Bolshevik Revolution, the murder of the Romanovs, the 1922 killing of German foreign minister Walther Rathenau, the abduction of White Russian general A. P. Kutepov and the apparent suicide of millionaire Swedish “Match King” Ivar Kreuger.



Many scientists and physicians criticized Rudolph Steiner’s Anthroposophy’s application in the areas of medicine, biology, agriculture, and education to be dangerous and pseudoscientific.  Some of Steiner’s ideas deviate from modern science, including: “racial” evolution, clairvoyance (Steiner said he was clairvoyant), and the myth of Atlantis. [Some ancient writers view Atlantis as fictional or metaphorical myth; others believed it to be real. wiki) (Atlantis has become a byword for any and all supposed advanced prehistoric lost civilizations and continues to inspire contemporary fiction, from comic books to films.  Many people do not believe Atlantis existed but we know the MINOANS DID EXIST – and they were very real people.)

According to Steiner, a real spiritual world exists, evolving along with the material one. Steiner held that the spiritual world can be researched in the right circumstances through direct experience, by persons practicing rigorous forms of ethical and cognitive self-discipline. The most complete exposition of these is found in his book How To Know Higher Worlds.  The aim is to develop higher levels of consciousness through meditation and observation. Details about the spiritual world, Steiner suggested, could on such a basis be discovered and reported, though no more infallibly than the results of natural science. Steiner’s stated prerequisites to beginning on a spiritual path include a willingness to take up serious cognitive studies, a respect for factual evidence, and a responsible attitude. Central to progress on the path itself is a harmonious cultivation of the following qualities:

  • Control over one’s own thinking
  • Control over one’s will
  • Composure
  • Positivity
  • Impartiality

Yes, Steiner was a different kind of elite.

All kinds of secret societies (black and green dragon, Nazi, etc.) were created, worked with and were involved with the INVISIBLES…It takes magic and sorcery to do THIS WORK.

READ MORE:  Heiner Ullrich, “Rudolf Steiner” Archived 2015-09-24 at the Wayback Machine, Prospects: the quarterly review of comparative education (Paris, UNESCO: International Bureau of Education), vol. XXIV, no. 3/4, 1994, p. 555–572.

Like Alan Watts told us:  Powerful men keep important information away from you.  But they have one deadly weakness:  An active public who seeks TRUTH.  The Elites think you won’t want to learn about the Federal Reserve or the Bilderberger group or “them” or any real history.  Beat the System by learning and teaching others.  The truth is right here at your fingertips.


Every single day

Mountains move

Oceans rise

Lakes expand

Beaches erode

Earthquakes shake

Volcanoes blow

Canyons crack

Rivers run

Forests reseed

Islands sink

Ice melts

Poles shift

People panic

Migrations start

The Sun rises

The Sun sets

Every single day

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INBRED Elites:  Dr. Woods’s elaborate study of inheritance among the royal families of Europe.13  There have been, thus far, only three important studies of mental and moral heredity. The first was Galton’s really epoch-making work of ’69, his Hereditary Genius; the second was Karl Pearson’s study of the resemblances between pairs of brothers and pairs of sisters among English school children; the third is the work before us. specially noteworthy, in view of recent discussions, is the evidence that neither the surroundings of royalty, nor the inbreeding of royal families, nor any other environmental factor, is a cause of degeneration.  The sound stocks, Saxe-Coburg, Nassau, Hohenzollern, remain sound indefinitely; degeneration appears only with Hapsburg and Bourbon blood. Nurture, surroundings, formal education, all the sources to which we look for the improvement of individuals and mankind, turn out, in the case of these royal persons, to be negligible matters. They are what they are born — and so, according to the small group of students to which Dr. Woods belongs, are all the rest of us. (1906)… ATLANTIC MAGAZINE :



Inscriptions on the base of base of a statue at Amenhotep III’s Memorial Temple lists a number of cities located in the Aegean under the headings of Keftiu and Tanaja (identified as Mainland Greece). Interestingly, the first two it lists for Keftiu (Crete) are Amun-Sah (Amnisa) and Ka-Anu-Sah (Kunusa). These are respectively, Amnisos (the ancient port of Knossos) and Knossos itself.

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