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Mind Control

Mind Control

What are we dealing with?

Inbred psychopaths who are anti-human? Some ancient cult who has always been around – carefully tending the herds of slaves.

We think we are free?

When this book started a few years ago, I was naive.

There were others like me who noticed something weird is going on.  Some one or some thing is playing with us. WHY?  Oh, it’s probably like a James Bond movie: a bad guy (Goldfinger) is trying to destroy a huge portion of the population. He’s a bad guy with unlimited money and lots of fancy technology. We don’t know why he wants to kill us off.  We just know he is alive and evil.  Even high tech, as his weapons, right?

But the real James Bond spyguys (and MI5) do exist.

Maybe those movies were trying to tell us something? Maybe?

We’re not told that is a possibility. We are raised with hope. Things will surely get better? Someone will save us?

There is no safety in this system. None at all.  Never has been.  Not since 4500BC. (That is only a guess on when it began.)

“The nasty situation we face is that we have long been ruled by a blood sacrifice cult, tied to slave ownership.” – Martin Geddes 2022


“I was just thinking about the Matrix movie; how it gave you an idea of a system that co-exists within another system, manufactured by “outsiders” to serve their own purpose, where people like you and me are raised to be batteries, because “they” take energy from people to run their whole system in the Matrix.  And it’s not too far from the truth in a certain way, like an analogy, because everything comes from us (you and me). Take all these multi-billionaire dollar corporations, and we really do have multi-trillionaires at the very, very top. That’s what Covid is; it’s an excuse under a wartime scenario to take over and change the whole system on behalf of those who already really rule it, and make it more efficient for them.” —Alan Watt (see Chapter 7) 

The Invisibles are my words to describe “them.” They reportedly have lived in the area on the map. They: Ancients, Minoans, Ancient families of Venice Who were the Venetian families? “Considering how some families had more than one Doge (Lord or Ruler), an even higher concentration is evident as EIGHT FAMILIES: Contarini, Badoer-Partecipazio, Mocenigo, Sanudo-Candiano, Memmo-Monegario, Morosini, Dandolo and Corner.” of Venice were elected for life by the city-state’s aristocracy.) “They call themselves nobility.” They wereare the richest slave traders, bankers and merchants on the planet.  Yes, in 2022.

INVISIBLES? Where are they now? 

They are the invisible mega super-rich.   Beyond your wildest dream – they are mega mega rich.  Some call them Elite, or a Cabal.  It’s only a handfull of people. They use exoteric and esoteric sorcery on us because it works.  We cannot actually see them.  The Invisibles are richer than the top one percent of the Elites we know about… over MANY centuries this group plundered, enslaved, amassed obscene wealth:  they are unseen flying in private jets, living on islands, on yachts, in guarded palaces and kingdoms, and they are literally invisible.  (There are two kinds of people: us and them, kings and serfs/slaves.  Have’s and have nots.)  They are responsible for genocides. They regularly change their names, every 100 years or so.  Every 100 years or so, there is a new war or genocide ethnic cleansing.  They are truly EMPIRE.  They rule countries and governments. They control everything. They are ruthless. And they are looters and killers.

[Esoteric means “not public or common knowledge” while exoteric refers to “knowledge or practices commonly taught or shared.” For example, mystical, magical, or occult practices are typically described as esoteric, while everything taught in public school is exoteric!]

Killers?  Psychopathic?  Don’t believe me?  I am not kidding around here.

Olympics symbol (Public Domain)

What would you do to stay in power (for centuries)?

“Circles within circles, as Carroll Quigley talked about, that’s what you have, interconnecting circles, just like the symbol by the way of the Olympics; that’s what you’re seeing there.  See how they connect?  And that’s the symbol, the five, of course, it’s always the five, the five points interconnect that way.  And that’s how you do it.  You need five of them for different parts of controlling society.  That’s what it stands for.

“And that’s always been the foremost of an Elite’s agenda, is depopulating “unwanted” people.  The useless eaters, as Lord Bertrand Russell called us all, basically.  If you weren’t essential to the system, then they shouldn’t live.”—Alan Watt, Sept. 6, 2020

FYI: The Invisibles “Mafia” is owned and controlled as the wing that will do what can’t be done out in the open.


“There has been a well-founded notion since America’s inception that the European Rothschild-led Illuminati bankers have sought to bring America to its knees and return it to the fold of the Crown of England—whose power is derived from oligarchical remnants of the Roman Empire.  Could a new global financial/military alliance—organized by the Eight Families—be emerging? The Rothschilds are the planet’s wealthiest clan, worth an estimated $100 trillion. They control Royal Dutch/Shell, BP, Anglo-American, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Bank of America and scores of other global corporations and banks.  They are the largest shareholders in the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve and most every private central bank in the world.  They needed a footprint in the Middle East to protect their new oil concessions, which they procured through Four Horsemen fronts like the Iranian Consortium, Iraqi Petroleum Company and Saudi ARAMCO.”—Author Dean Henderson, Big Oil & Their Bankers(2007) and read

The content we have to confront is sickening: child rape, psychotronic weapons, nanotech nightmares, cannibalism, treason, slavery, mass poisoning, butchery of the innocent, betrayal by those most trusted, mind control techniques in the home, and so on. There is a kind of “aversion injury” that arises over time: I want to spend less and less time online, and am more and more drawn to nature and the offline world. The effort to stay engaged rises. This is why I found the article hard to write yesterday; creative juices were blocked by my own ongoing trauma. –AUTHOR MARTIN GEDDES

“We are living in a world today in which the struggle between knowledge and ignorance, civilization and desecration, creation and destruction, is raging.”Albert Litewka, Chairman of the Board, Los Angeles Review of Books

If he reads this book, he’ll know why!


From the John Trudell Documentary:

Earth is a living entity. It is not in man’s destiny to destroy the Earth. That’s arrogance. We as human beings, if we take responsibility for our lives, and live our lives in a coherent manner, as coherent as we possibly can, anyway, then we will have an influence in curing this disease.   But Earth will not allow (our complete destruction)… the antibiotic will come, in a planetary sense.  If it means opening up the ozone [layer] and letting it wipe out civilized man, then the Earth will do that.  The Earth will continue on. Maybe we should be developing our loyalties to this planet, this Earth, our future and our descendants, more than we should be to the governing political systems that have created all these problems.  Most people are trying to find solutions to the problems, but they’re trying to do it within the confined abstractions of democracy.  If we’re not willing to think objectively about our responsibilities towards our own descendants, then we will come up with no solutions. That will only perpetuate the enslavement and feeding.”—visit:


How did this happen to us and why don’t we know anything about “them”?

First:  None of this has anything to do with religion. They use religion. Second: It has everything to do with army, arms, slaves, money, control and power.  Over thousands and thousands of years,  they are still hiding out.  They move around. Drugs and oil cartels come later.

We don’t know “them” because if we did know, things might turn bad for them, ugly, obviously. We’d find them. We’d hunt them down.

You are going to get an ancient history lesson next:

One group of “They” were given the name MINOANS by a rich bone collector from the UK.  I call this “Minoan” civilization the beginning of the INVISIBLES but it may not be. It looks like it started with the Cycladic Civilization, an early Bronze Age culture on the Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea around 3200 BC.  (more later)  A few hundred years later, the Minoan Civilization” emerged” on the island of Crete.  How does someone emerge or are they the same people who just MOVED?  It looks like I am right actually.  The Minoans are still considered the first advanced civilization in Europe because the diggers found evidence of them, according to what I read.  A million years ago? Yes.

Minoans? Who are THEY?

The rich Minoans loved the “good life,” swimming, sports, enjoyed boxing, leaped giant bulls and built the world’s first ARENA.  They were able to perfect and make obsidian daggers/knives and traded them widely.  They made exquisite gold leaf jewelry, too. They also invented the MINOAN ECLIPSE CALCULATOR (that looks like terracotta frying pans with star designs) but the calculator’s precision is as exact as modern astronomy. [watch]

THOUSANDS of YEARS AGO!  Yep, they were busy for centuries building ocean-worthy sailing ships, huge palaces, cities and a language (Linear A) found on tablets that are still not deciphered. Someone from an earlier time taught them stuff, but who? Some say Egyptians. Some say they are Egyptians.  Alert: Minoans aren’t GREEK!

Yes, the island of Crete was once inhabited by a people named Minoans. A Welsh guy with a shovel and lots of money, Sir Arthur Evans conducted “digs,” aka excavations between 1900-1931, unearthing a palace, a large section of the Minoan city, and cemeteries. Evans purchased the land from its Turkish owners, which is interesting.  Since then, more were excavated by the British School of Archaeology at Athens (in Greece.) The diggers interpret and report the findings to their liking, of course. Various items from these “digs” can be found at THE MET in New York City and online:

[Sir Evans wasn’t the first to suspect that ancient ruins might be lying beneath the ground he dug up at Knossós, but he was the first to have a free hand at digging there, having bought most of the property from its Turkish owners during the 1890s.  The Ottoman authorities had required such purchases, deliberately making them difficult to complete as a means of stalling off western archaeologists.  They may have feared that the discovery of archaic ruins might increase Europe’s interest in knocking Crete loose from their empire.]

BC is BIRTH OF CHRIST, you know that of course. AD is After Jesus Dies. I imagine Christ is wandering in dry deserts in sandals, not in thriving cities and civilizations. (Yet again: control the message: control the history.) I am pretty smart so I’ll keep using BC instead of how many millions of years ago this was. It’s my attempt to make all this understandable.

Why was it called Minoan?  Its name derives from Minos, either a dynastic title or the name of a particular ruler of Crete who has a place in Greek legend.  No one really knows. This civilization was astonishingly advanced artistically and technologically and flourished from about 3000 BC to about 1100 BC. (Dates vary.) The Minoans were also the first literate people of Europe, so they claim.

(Public Domain photo)

The Phaistos Disk is a disk of fired clay from the Minoan Palace of Phaistoson on Crete. It was discovered in 1908 and it possibly dates to the middle or late Minoan Bronze Age. This unique archaeological find remains an enigma; its purpose and meaning and even its original geographical place of manufacture remain disputed, making it one of the most famous mysteries of archaeology. The Minoans use Linear A symbols.

The Minoan Palace Knossos was first discovered in 1878 by Greek archealogist Minos Kalokairinos.  He found intensive habitation occurred in Crete with the first and second Minoan palaces, built along with luxurious houses, a hospice and various other structures: the South House, the House of the Chancel Screen, the Small Palace, the Caravanserai, the Royal Villa and the Temple-Tomb. The Minoans were traders who exported timber, olive oil, wine and dye to nearby Egypt, Syria, Cyprus and the Greek mainland. They imported metals and other raw materials, including copper, tin, ivory and precious stones. Read:


“Around 1900 BC, during the Middle Minoan period, Minoan civilization on Crete reached its apogee with the establishment of (city) centers, called palaces, that concentrated political and economic power, as well as artistic activity, and may have served as centers for the redistribution of agricultural commodities.  Major palaces were built at Knossos and Mallia in the northern part of Crete, at Phaistos in the south, and at Zakros in the east.  These palaces are distinguished by their arrangement around a paved central court and sophisticated masonry. The walls and floors of the palaces were often painted, and colorful frescoes depicted rituals or scenes of nature.  There were sanitary facilities (bathrooms) as well as provisions for adequate lighting and ventilation.  Living quarters of the palaces, like the better Minoan houses, were spacious.”— Colette Hemingway, independent researcher (

THEIR NEIGHBORS? Around 1600 BC, the Mycenaean Civilization rose (arrived) on the Greek mainland, and their culture flourished too. Mycenaean power centers included Mycenae, Thebes, Sparta and Athens. People do migrate and move around and apparently DNA data is helping people finally realize this.

ANY EMPIRE really really had to have their sorcery and army of priests-kings/lords working overtime—probably a carry-over from some earlier group of control-freak Elites and their magicians.  After the Minoans dissolve (No one dissolves), Mycenaean Greece, the Hittite Empire in Turkey and Ancient Egypt “fall” within a short period of time. (They move!)  Ancient cities were abandoned, trade routes were lost and literacy declined throughout the region.  Some scholars believe a combination of natural catastrophes brought down several Bronze Age empires. (Not really!) Archaeological evidence suggests a succession of severe droughts in the eastern Mediterranean region over a 150-year period from 1250-1100 BC likely figured prominently in their collapse. Earthquakes, famine, and invasion by nomadic tribes may also have played a role. (Or they simply packed up and sailed to a new area, like Italy or Portugal or Spain. Why not? Think about it.) Evidence from sunken ships is painting a new picture of their movements. (Finally!)

Before 2600 BC there are few known facts about how the Minoans lived….since that is a very long time ago.  (Now the Greeks are making these sites their designated World Heritage Sites.) After seeing a painting with Minoans leading a pack of slaves (from Libya, it said) I am certain we are looking at yet another culture that practiced barbaric slavery. Handed down, of course. Who do you think built those palaces and served these people?

“Until 1900 BC, the Minoans were not united under the yoke of any powerful landlords or centralized authority,” according to historian-blogger Hercynian Forest. “Minoans adopted various artistic techniques from their neighbours, like Syrian goldsmithing expertise, and the Egyptian aesthetic influence on their wall frescoes are apparent.  In other words, Minoan Crete resembled the Near East and Nile Valley more than anything else. It’s also important to stress the fact that Minoans weren’t Greek at all: the Nile people first arrived at the scene that was the Aegean around 2000 BC, whereas the former had lived on Crete since roughly around 2900 BC.” []

Forest writes: “In their early tholos tombs, no hierarchical differentiation was made between people. The Minoans pretty much kept to themselves in separate tribes and village communities.”  Then something changed!  After 1900 BC, the civilization gets a real kickstart. (Hint: Mycenaeans arrive) The Minoans began establishing colonies on Thera (Santorini), Kithira, Melos, Rhodes, Kea and other Aegean islands. The first king also came to power during this period.  Ancient Crete was one of the first larger Thalassocracies, a maritime colonial empire with holdings attached to the coastline and to other islands.” Apparently elites keep merging, moving, rebuilding, still needing their palaces, slaves and cities—EMPIRE always does.

What can we learn from the Minoan Empire?

The Minoans are what led to Europe gaining much of the technology needed for basic civilizations, and are dubbed the “the first link in the European chain” by historian Will Durant. They built fortresses, great palaces with plumbing and heating, vast trade networks, a sports arena, and their own writing system.  Wait… Someone had to teach them all this “technology.”  (Hey, there are people who don’t have indoor plumbing now!)

Underfloor central heating from 2700 B.C. in Minoan Crete: In the royal rooms of the Palace of Knossos, there were pipes under the floor through which hot water flowed and warmed the rooms. From 7000 BC they built cylindrical houses with flat or vaulted roofs, at the top of which was an opening. On the floor, directly under the opening, was the hearth. These houses had no interior walls, so the heat from the main hearth was transmitted to the entire building.  The advanced level of technology is also demonstrated by some original architectural and structural features, such as the light-wells and polythyra, the use of beams to reinforce the masonry, and the complex drainage and water-supply systems.

 👇 My thoughts

Number One: They were given their name MINOAN by a rich British guy with a shovel. It’s a guess.

Number two: I think they forget that, during the Bronze Age, the Minoans became very, very wealthy from copper trade—a key ingredient to Bronze Age. (And they were slave traders, big time.)

Number three: There is growing evidence that the copper they needed was actually traded from (possibly) Native Americans who mined surface copper deposits in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Ships go both ways—ancient Native people had boats, too.  There is matching Minoan DNA evidence in some Ojibwe tribes, as well as Greek words in some Native American languages, and the coppers purity matches. So think about it… [Or the REAL evidence was burned up in library of Alexandria along with evidence of Minoan relations in South America and the “INVISIBLES” as nasty Romans destroyed all traces in order to fortify their own mighty Empire expansion in their fight against UK—until Rome was sacked.  By then they forgot all about South America.]  (Read Stannard’s book AMERICAN HOLOCAUST about the advanced civilizations just like the Minoans but in Central and South American that the Spaniards describe in detail.)

(Public Domain Photo: (Fresco) MINOAN Maidens with Musical Instruments two million years ago?)

Number four:  The palace at Knossos was four stories high (incredible!) and the urban area around it was inhabited by 18,000 people in 2000 BC, leading it to be called the oldest city in Europe. At its peak three centuries later, a whooping 100,000 inhabitants lived in the palace and surrounding city. They even had paved roads! We have a HUGE mystery here with more questions than answers.  Archaeologists and anthropologists dig through dirt, take bones, study DNA samples, examine (and loot) artifacts, write giant expensive history books, and attempt to construct a picture of our ancestors.  And these guys guess a lot, obviously.  Do they write it wrong on purpose, too? Nothing taught in high school even mentions Minoans. 

(Sea People Photo: Public Domain)

Did the Sea People exist? Yes.

Sea People could be any of the groups of aggressive seafarers who invaded eastern Anatolia (Turkey today), Syria, Palestine, Cyprus, and Egypt toward the end of the Bronze Age, especially in the 13th century BC. They are held responsible for the destruction of old powers such as the Hittite Empire.

Hmmm…Virtually nothing is known about the Sea People, with the only evidence of their existence coming from sparse contemporary sources, although the evidence is interpretive at best, and often debated by scholars. The historical narrative for identifying the Sea People stems primarily from seven Ancient Egyptian sources (with some information from Hittite sources), which names nine ancient cultures possibly responsible: the Denyen, the Ekwesh, the Lukka, the Peleset, the Shekelesh, the Sherden, the Teresh, the Tjeker, and the Weshesh (further proposals from narratives in other civilisations includes the Etruscans, Trojans, Philistines, Mycenaens, and even Minoans).  (That would require someone to write a new book on those nine ancient cultures.) []


The Prehistoric Period—or when there was human life before records documented human activity—roughly dates from 2.5 million years ago to 1200 BC.  It’s categorized in three archaeological periods: the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. The earliest and longest period of the Stone Age is called the Paleolithic Age. This comes from the Greek word Palaios, meaning “long ago” or “old,” and lithos, meaning “stone.” At the beginning of the Old Stone Age, approximately 4.4 million years ago,  the first human ancestors made their appearance on earth, so they say.  (I am beginning to seriously doubt this… and all their timelines.)

The oldest (tin alloy) BRONZES date back to around 4500 BC and were found at an archaeological site, Pločnik in the country called Serbia today. Before this, the most common tool 6500 years ago was the stone axe.

This replacement of stone tools with bronze was an important indicator of the start of the Bronze Age in different parts of the world.  The bronze casting process allowed for more possibilities to manufacture weapons and tools.

SIX THOUSAND YEARS AGOare you comprehending this?  We are living in two different worlds even today. (That was their plan.)

Some things do not add up—and the BC dates are simply calculations (a good guess)… What we can be sure of, there is definite archaeological evidence Minoan settlements and palaces were obliterated and suffered material damage from fire. Theories surrounding the downfall of Minoan Crete: societal structure breaking down due to fierce competition for wealth, natural environmental havoc and invading Mycenaeans, and the volcanic eruption of Thera somewhere between 1642 and 1540 BC. (Or they simply packed up and moved on… and we know they did!)

Sci-Fi and Hollywood movies (especially) corrupted any real ancient history we think we may know (or any we’d re-examine) making them into fictions and myths (all by design). Confused? I am. With historians, it’s all guesses, conjecture and theories, and calculation based on burials and artifacts that are also theories. Fishy, I’d say.  And also confusing… and sometimes boring. Try and find ONE ACCURATE BOOK on Minoans… I wish you luck.

Slaves portrayed working in the Laurion mines. 7th century BC. PUBLIC DOMAIN

THEM, too? Slavers?

MINOAN INCOME:  The recorded history of SLAVERY in Ancient Greece begins during the Mycenaean civilization (1600-1100 BC), as indicated in numerous tablets unearthed at Pylo .  QUITE TELLING: Greek slaves came from the different cities of Greece, while others came from Egypt and Persia. Servitude was widespread in Greek antiquity. Athens alone was home to an estimated 60,000–80,000 slaves during the fifth and fourth centuries BC, with each household having an average of three or four enslaved people attached to it.

MINOAN UPDATE (my comments)

The Palace of Knossos is Crete’s most visited historical tourist attraction and was the capital of Minoan Crete. (Indeed) Its ruins were discovered in 1900 by the British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans. (wrong) He spent 35 years excavating and reconstructing it. (After he bought it, sure he was digging.) The reconstruction continues to be controversial because many archaeologists believe that he sacrificed accuracy during the project. (Of course he did that)

The lies they tell us… OMG.  5000 YEARS AGO? I thought we were all hairy primitive hunter-gatherers not able to communicate with each other!?!

Highlights of The Palace of Knossos include the fresco of a charging bull in the North Entrance, the Grand Staircase (four flights of gypsum steps to the royal apartments in the eastern wing, the Queen’s Megaron; the queen’s bedroom that features a dolphin fresco and a sophisticated bathroom and drainage system, the Fresco Room with views of the palace grounds from the west wing’s upper floor and copies of the palace’s most famous art works, the Giant Pithoi or massive clay jars that were used to store wine, oil, and grain, the Prince of the Lilies Fresco that depicts a young man adorned in lilies and peacock feathers, and the South Portico; a palace entrance anchored by a massive open staircase decorated with frescoes.

Public Domain Photo: Fresco, Bull Leaping Minoans

Size of ancient Minoan leaping bulls?

Archaeological evidence has now uncovered that the type of bull used by ancient Minoan bull leapers was a cross-breed giant aurochs bull, now extinct in Europe. It had a shoulder height of over 6 feet and a hoof size similar to the size of a human head.

Phaestos is Crete’s second most important Minoan palace city after Knossos. It has a similar layout to Knossos and was also built atop a previously destroyed older palace.  The Central Court is well preserved and conveys the magnificence of the palace. Views of the Mesara Plain and Mt. Psiloritis can be seen from Phaestos.  Agia Triada was most likely a small palace or a royal villa. The setting provides mountain and sea views. Many masterpieces of Minoan art can be found here.

The Palace of Malia includes a series of storage rooms to eight circular pits believed to have been grain silos. Past the silos is the palace’s Central Court.  In the ground is the Kernos Stone, a disc that may have had a religious function. The most important rooms include the Pillar Crypt, the Grand Staircase and the Loggia, most likely used for ceremonial purposes. Buildings north of the central court held workshops and storage rooms. Read more:

Pavlopetri, an underwater ancient Greek city (Greek Reporter)


AMAZING NEWS April 17, 2022 : A team of experts from the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities, University of Geneva, and Swiss School of Archaeology were looking for remnants of the oldest village in Europe. They were hoping for a tiny 8,000-year-old town.  Instead, they found a 12-acre settlement approximately 4,500 years old. The settlement had stone defensive structures, paved surfaces, towers, and many other artifacts.

Archaeologists stated that these defensive structures were more complex than any seen in Bronze Age ruins. For this reason, they believe they found a city ahead of its time. As University of Geneva Professor Julien Beck stated, the foundations were “of a massive nature, unknown in Greece until now.”  This indicates there might be a lot more depth and complexity to ancient Greek civilization than we know. (you think?)

Greek Reporter (photo source) recently published an article on the city of Pavlopetri, discovered off the southern tip of the Peloponnese. The city lies just 13 feet underwater.  Archaeologists have recreated what the 5,000 year old city may have looked like using modern technology. This has led them to realize that the sunken lost city was a quite complex urban center at its time. []

Experts estimate Pavlopetri was built around 3000 BC, and sunk around 1100 BC due to earthquakes common to this region. This timeline is why archaeologists have found the city to be extremely significant.

Pavlopetri is the only found underwater city that sunk before Plato’s story of Atlantis (just a theory). Archaeologists marveled at the city’s sophisticated urban planning. Pavlopetri had roads, two-story houses with gardens, a water management system, and even a central town square.  As manager of the Pavlopetri Underwater Archaeology Project, Dr. Jon Henderson said, “there are older sunken sites in the world but none can be considered to be planned towns such as this, which is why it is unique.”  Despite all our modern technology, only 1% of the ocean floor has been surveyed.  Imagine how many sunken cities still layout there, waiting to be found. READ:

FYI:  When I was a kid, the first fiction book I checked out of the library was MOONSPINNERS by Mary Stewart, a mystery novel set in Crete. I always wanted to go there, especially after reading that book as a kid.  PLOT: A teenager encounters romance, intrigue and a search for stolen jewels during her visit to the island of Crete. The main character Nicola Ferris stumbles across a murderous crime involving a young English woman and a group of people tied together by blood.  Google Books  Originally published: 1962.

The moonspinners were there, out on the track, walking the mountains of Crete, making the night safe, spinning the light away.—Mary Stewart


Photo: Copyright free:

BULL: Minoan Terracotta vase in the form of a bull’s head ca. 1450–1400 B.C. Minoan  This vase is a type of rhyton, or libation vase. The offering was poured through the hole in the animal’s muzzle. The vase was filled either by immersion in a large container or through the hole on the head. Using the principle of the siphon, liquid would not flow out as long as the opening at the top was closed with the thumb.

May 2022: The entire month I will be posting Minoan history at :


“See, one of the reasons I do what I do is to try to break some of the trash-demon spells the Sorcerarchy are constantly spewing out at us.  Another is a vain and probably hopeless quest to warn people that the spirit world is very, very real and is not your personal Disneyland.  The supernatural (and sorcery) is very real and very not to be trifled with, as I keep shouting helplessly into the void.—Author Christopher Knowles, Secret Sun blog 

Mind Controllers: A Primer on Oligarch Empire

Writer David Gosselin­— Excerpt

Indeed, a lot of the Empire’s strategy is quite simple.  One can trace the metamorphosis of this slime mold across the ages.  The Anglo-American system today is in fact a historical outgrowth of what was once the Venetian Empire.  The Anglo-American system is simply the latest expression of that, which emerged from the old British Empire system, which was itself a result of the ancient families of Venice having to migrate from the lagoons around the Adriatic Sea for strategic purposes.

The Modern American “Deep State” is really just a continuation of that system. But America was founded as a refuge from the old degenerate European aristocratic system. While that memory is waning, there is still some faint glimmer.

The American population has in many ways become the most dumbed-down, but that’s largely because it was the population most subjected to psychological warfare and social engineering.

The European nations still never really shook off the old oligarchical forms of thinking. This time, it’s just technocratic feudalism.

One of the main differences with previous empires and the old colonial model is the more systemic use of social engineering and epistemological warfare.  Much of the empire is not an empire of boots on the ground enforcement, it’s an Empire of the Mind. The elite schools like the London School of Economics, Oxford, and all their Ivy League counterparts in the USA and elsewhere constitute a web of nodes which spread the ideas that ultimate create an ideologically very indoctrinated managerial class. These are the ivy-league graduates, “Rhodes Scholars” and related ideological spawn.

For example, most of the economic theories excreted by these institutions, “Free Trade,” “globalization,” “supply-side economics,”etc. are all just essentially variations on the old British East India company model of controlling finance, trade, etc. Not much has changed.

The private merchant banking system is the great fraud of our current financial architecture.  That being said, these imperial systems do always crash, and they always end up having to cannibalize their host populations in order to keep the looting system going.  We’re seeing that now with the current zombie banking system and the infinite money-printing now required to keep the Trans-Atlantic banking system alive.

“The Great Reset” and related “Fourth Industrial Revolution” vision are just the latest Utopian wet dream these oligarchs have cooked up in order to keep their system going.

It is very simple: they want to force a massive contraction of the industrial world i.e. the economic and technological platforms required to sustain our current level of population, and bring the population down to around 1 billion people. They have computer “models” and “experts” which tell us this is the carrying capacity for the planet. It’s all based on an axiomatically closed-system outlook on the universe.

While they try to convince everyone of pseudo-scientic ideas like “carrying capacity,” they are adamantly against Fusion power and all advanced forms of atomic energy for the simple reason that it would mean the end of their reign over the third world countries, which are supposed to be kept backwards with little infrastructure, little access to science and technology, and therefore remain cheap labor producers for the “advanced” technocratic utopias they hope to maintain.  To really defeat this imperial system, the Malthusian outlook needs to be defeated. The Malthusian system* simply dictates a law of universal entropy, a zero sum game, where everyone is stuck warring over limited resources.  As a result, it can’t allow for the kinds of fundamental breakthroughs that overturn their geopolitical chess board and the artificial limits of their closed system.

This is the great fraud, and one of the main ideologies being used to advance a “Great Reset” global depopulation agenda.

Most of what they say is just a cover for this.

It’s pretty simple.  [Source:]

* The main features of the farce of Malthusian theory are: That population was growing at a geometrical progression while food production was growing at arithmetical progression. That there is a tendency for all living things to grow beyond the food available to them. ( MORE LATER)

(GREAT QUOTE from my last book WHAT JUST HAPPENED?) America in 1857 was a simmering stew of con artists, flim-flammers and grifters exploiting the naive, the trusting and the credulous, and that remains the case in 2019.  We now inhabit a world where virtually everything is a con.  And today virtually everything is fake, a con designed to trick or distract the “marks” (you and me) from the looting, plundering and predation of those running the con for their own self-interest.Charles Hugh Smith (Pathfinding our Destiny: Preventing the Final Fall of Our Democratic Republic )
The Invisibles ALWAYS use minions to do their bidding.

Why Is NOBODY Talking About the Mass Resignations of Major CEOs?

One strange thing about all the CEO’s stepping down is that most of those companies stood to gain “bigly” from the pandemic lockdowns and yes, many did.  Some 195 CEOs stepped down in the first two months of 2021, according to recruiting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. To date by July 2020, well over 1300 CEOs from massive corporations throughout the world had stepped down from their positions in the preceding twelve months. (2022)



“…Those who run the world financially, the dominant MINORITY, are a hereditary group (Invisibles) who will employ psychopaths and put them in place as CEOs.  The intelligent-type psychopaths are savvy as to what’s going on; they’re careful not to end up afoul of the law if possible.  But they’re dedicated psychopaths.  If you pay them well, they’ll serve you well.  They can join very important private clubs.  They might even get knighted. A lot of them actually did in the past.   If you look at the people who got knighted in Britain for the last maybe 150 years, most of them were merchant bankers, people who, believe you me, were in a real tough business.  Nice folk just don’t get ahead.  It doesn’t happen that way. You’ve got to be ruthless.  And there are folk who are psychopaths who definitely are ruthless, who are very successful in the business world, ruthlessly lending to governments.  Often Britain knighted them and they’d end up being up there amongst the lords and ladies, so they’d intermarry each other.

So, the psychopaths marrying into the psychopathic realm have a good chance, especially in the lifestyle and the culture within the hereditary family groups of raising another good psychopath to takeover.  Intergenerational psychopathy is very important.  All countries have it too.” —the late author Alan Watt,


—Composer Musician Frank Zappa (1940-1993)

ALAN WATT: The Deceit of the Elite (2020)

“I’ve mentioned it before; there’s a freezing of the mind that comes into play when real danger starts to seep into your mind that you might be done for.  With a lot of folk actually, it’s paralytic.  They think, “This cannot be happening in real life to me.  We live in a civilized society.”

And we know the Soviets killed millions of people and the Bolsheviks, oh, the slaughters were incredible.  They still know that there’s massive, massive fields in different parts of the Soviet Union, with layers and layers and layers of bodies that were mass executed.  The people’s army did it.  You know the people’s army:  On behalf of the people.  They always take over the same authority.  It’s for the good of the people, so on behalf of the people, we will execute you, because you are enemies of the State.  You are enemies of the people.

“And I knew this stuff was coming, because I’d given talks back in the 90s on the incredible psychological studies that had already been done on us, and other authors, long before even Quigley came out in the 50s and 60s on television, talking about the studies on the public that were pretty well perfected.  And they knew that using techniques back then, they could really drastically, and very quickly alter human behavior, and make us do things that perhaps we shouldn’t to do.  Or make us accept things we shouldn’t accept.  But today, it’s massive.  I mean, your own tax money throws millions and billions across the world to these think tanks and study groups in universities that all do these joint projects with those that eventually grab the patents, whatever they discover, and new techniques: they have patents on techniques, by the way, for those who don’t know it, on ways to manipulate you.  And they do.  And it’s very, very effective, and incredibly effective, when you understand that most folk will take the path of least resistance at all times.—Alan Watt CTTM (Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk) “The Deceit of Elite” Sept 6, 2020

It’s all a game——to them, anyway… TLH

Con-ology is the art of persuasion, using highly trained persuaders. Lies are the art of the psychopath, and used in the art of politics and business.  FLIM FLAMMERS are con men and con women, very conniving, and convincing of course.—TLH



What about the psychopaths of Eugenics?

“Several U.S. foundations financed eugenic research, including the Carnegie Institution and Rockefeller Foundation, which gave grants in the 1930s for eugenic research at the Galton Laboratory at University College in London and to the Cornell Medical School in New York.  The term “eugenics” was first described in the psychological work of Francis Galton.  A prominent British statistician during the late 19th century, Galton analyzed the variation and distribution of mental characteristics in groups of individuals in Great Britain.  Heavily influenced by the evolutionary theory of his half-­cousin, Charles Darwin, Galton believed that genius was inherited, that could be traced from one generation to the next. In 1883 that he introduced the concept of “eugenics”: the breeding of the intelligent elite to improve the overall mental and physical quality of a human population’s stock.”—Yale Scholar John Doyle [] Read his paper!

The Bush family joined John D. Rockefeller and the British Royal Family in sponsoring the eugenics initiatives that gave rise to Hitler’s racial hygiene programs.  Prescott Bush was later found guilty of trading with the Nazis during WWII.  According to court records, the Rockefeller family and their Standard Oil Company supported Hitler more than they did the allies during the war.  In fact, one judge declared Rockefeller guilty of treason.  Dr. Gary Glum documented the insidious eugenics programs to create a “superior race,” which were initially sponsored not by Adolph Hitler, but by the American elite like the Rockefeller, Carnegie, Harriman, Morgan, DuPont, Kellogg and Bush families.  In 1952, Frederick Osborn, an officer of the American Eugenics Society, assisted John D. Rockefeller III in organizing the Population Council and served as its first administrator. []


Once upon a time, whatever your religion, Armageddon was the Property of the Gods… until August 6, 1945, that is, when a lone B-29 bomber, the Enola Gay (named after its pilot’s mother), dropped the first atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima, essentially obliterating it.  Thought of another way, however, we humans took the power to end the world (at least as we’ve known it) out of the hands of the gods in the 19th century when the fossil-fuel based industrialization of Planet Earth began in earnest in Great Britain. In other words, credit our cleverness.  In the space of a mere 200 or so years, we’ve developed two different ways of devastating or even ending our life on this planet.  Consider that a genuine accomplishment for humanity.—Tom Englehart,


WHO TELLS YOU WHAT MATTERS? They do. (Image: burrowowl)

A Recovering Environmentalist (Me, too)  

“Humanity has lost the battle against climate change. That is what Paul Kingsnorth thinks.  The former environmental activist believes that we can’t stop climate change anymore.  Kingsnorth has withdrawn to Ireland on a unspoilt part of the earth.  You could say that he lives now at the end of the world.  A portrait of an end-time thinker who nevertheless does not give up hope and continues to believe in the power of nature.  Kingsnorth stood early on the barricades as a conservationist.  He resisted the insatiable hunger of the globalized world for more land, resources and things in England and on the other side of the world in Papa New Guinea.  But at some point, he came to terms that he had to revisit his belief that humanity could save the world.

In his bundled essays “Confessions of a recovering environmentalist” (2017) he describes how some weak-kneed accountants of this world hollowed out the “green movement” from the inside and exchanged the barricades for ties and conference tables.  Limiting CO2 emissions became the new gospel because it was measurable and countable.  But according to Kingsnorth, that is an illusion.  He thinks that in his victory rush, the green movement of today exchanges the remaining wild nature for a wind or solar panel farm.  The battle is lost.  He founded the “Dark Mountain Project” in which writers, poets and artists are looking for a different view of the end of the world, based on the connection between man and nature. He exchanged his clenched fist and protesting voice for an inner, literary search for the question of what makes us human and what our place is on this magical planet.


PAUL’s website:





William Astore writes in 2022: “If you’re an American 21 years of age or younger, you’ve never known a time when your country hasn’t been at war, even if, thanks to the end of the draft in the previous century, you stand no chance of being called to arms yourself.  You’ve never known a time of “normal” defense budgets.  You have no conception of what military demobilization, no less peacetime might actually be like. Your normal is only reflected in the Biden administration’s staggering $813 billion Pentagon budget proposal for the next fiscal year. Naturally, many congressional Republicans are already clamoring for even higher military spending.”

Remember: The US federal government is free to print all the money it needs to pay its own government debts.

CIA Playbook (My scan) Controllers
“Every five seconds a child under ten dies from hunger, 57,000 people every day, a billion are severely malnourished, and this is happening on a planet that is overflowing with wealth and that could actually feed twelve billion people.”—We Let the Third World Starve—The Disaster Can Be Stopped, author Jean Ziegler


The Invisibles, curses, churches, mind control, magic, secrecy, slavery, sorcery hierarchy, mental illness, psychopaths, demonology:  it’s all so similar, isn’t it?  I wouldn’t pooh-pooh things that easily if I were you.

You may not realise it but everything we buy, and I mean “everything” is dependent on a handful of corporations. Yes, Sir—everything we buy in the world is owned by a tiny minority. They are called investment companies, and all the money on the planet flows through this small handful of companies. The 4 biggest investment companies on the planet are called, BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street, and Berkshire Hathaway Inc, and they earn more than 70%, ($15 trillion) of America’s GDP. They control thousands of shares in just about “everything” sold on our planet. The food we eat, the agriculture which produces it, the clothes we wear, the car we drive, and the gas that powers it, the house we live in, the holidays we enjoy, social media, the media, yes—the media, and technology, absolutely everything. They own the world. These investment companies are not rivals, oh no, on the contrary, they are all invested in each other, an amalgamation of giants! These elitists, mighty investment companies, and billionaires are like the giants of old. They are an out of control bunch of cannibals, swallowing up the human race and destroying it.—Gary Walton, Big Wobble blog


Income and wealth are being redistributed upward from average working people (many of whom live from paycheck to paycheck) to CEOs and shareholders, including the wealthiest people in America. Billionaires have become $1.7 trillion richer during the pandemic. CEO pay (based largely on stock values) is now at a record 350-to-1 ratio relative to median pay.—Robert Reich, Inequality Media Civic Action

This book is not about politics.

Cosmic Glue is ongoing research. I really hope you think about this… I’m so glad. —Trace




Inscriptions on the base of base of a statue at Amenhotep III’s Memorial Temple lists a number of cities located in the Aegean under the headings of Keftiu and Tanaja (identified as Mainland Greece). Interestingly, the first two it lists for Keftiu (Crete) are Amun-Sah (Amnisa) and Ka-Anu-Sah (Kunusa). These are respectively, Amnisos (the ancient port of Knossos) and Knossos itself.

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