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We are running circles and looking for someone to blame for everything wrong in this world. The truth is: it’s them, and it has ALWAYS been them Use contact form for FREE pdf or ebook file


    Is there a medicine for our world?  Is there a cosmic cure for this growing unrest?  Who is behind all this chaos?  Are we in danger?  Why?  Wait, is it too late? Welcome to the third creative non-fiction in the series IT’S A MIRACLE WE SURVIVED THIS FAR.  Yes indeed, it’s a miracle and true story. Cosmic Glue kept us here, and you’ll find out how. First: Hold on to your sanity.  I only ask you read, think, read, then think again.  Connect the dots, if you will.  Murdered for beliefs?  Absolutely—and ongoing.  Read on if you have the stomach for torture described in this edition but it may be too much for some readers.   Do NOT read this entire book /ebook if you are sensitive.  I marked pages GRAPHIC VIOLENCE . (Reading these articles caused me a nightmare which I share with you later.) A CURE?  Are we willing or able to heal this mad mess by ourselves?  Can we really? I think so.  LOTS OF CREATIVE PEOPLE THINK SO… Visionaries and mystics do, too…


Mind Control Mind Control What are we dealing with? Inbred psychopaths who are anti-human? Some ancient cult who has always been around – carefully tending the herds of slaves. We think we are free? When this book started a few years ago, I was naive. There were others like me who noticed something weird is going on.  Some one or some thing is playing with us. WHY?  Oh, it’s probably like a James Bond movie: a bad guy (Goldfinger) is trying to destroy a huge portion of the population. He’s a bad guy with unlimited money and lots of fancy technology. We don’t know why he wants to kill us off.  We just know he is alive and evil.  Even high tech, as his weapons, right? But the real James Bond spyguys (and MI5) do exist. Maybe those movies were trying to tell us something? Maybe? We’re not told that is a possibility. We are raised with hope. Things will surely get better? Someone will save us? There is no safety in this system. None at all.  Never has bee


 DANGER How old is the planet? BEYOND ANYTHING WE COULD HAVE IMAGINED: DANGER DANGER I go through waves of fear then excitement then more fear writing this chapter, thinking about dangerous people.  This chapter is all about danger. I want you to do this: PROTECT YOURSELF , then your family, then your community. The INVISIBLES are DANGEROUS PEOPLE. Why do I say that? The Invisible Elite know exactly who they are, and know their ancestry, and they absolutely think they are “superior” to the rest of humanity, thus you and I are expendable.   HAARP Technology on Brain s? Of course we know about some mind control already but this Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) was created to “revolutionize crime detection and investigation.”  It can also be used to identify dissent and enemies of the “state.” THIS IS BEYOND ANYTHING GEORGE ORWELL COULD HAVE IMAGINED.  The implications are frightening.  It could mark the end of all free will. Corporate Mind Control Us


Inscriptions on the base of base of a statue at Amenhotep III’s Memorial Temple lists a number of cities located in the Aegean under the headings of Keftiu and Tanaja (identified as Mainland Greece). Interestingly, the first two it lists for Keftiu (Crete) are Amun-Sah (Amnisa) and Ka-Anu-Sah (Kunusa). These are respectively, Amnisos (the ancient port of Knossos) and Knossos itself.